SS Lazio Logo Proposal By Footy Headlines

Last week, we wrote an article about UEFA Champions League teams whose logos look a bit dated or not optimal. We could have left it at that, but decided to imagine how a new logo for one of the teams could look like - we opted to create a concept Lazio logo.

8 Champions League Teams Who Could / Should Update Their Logo

Lazio Rebrand By Footy Headlines

Taking the club's current logo, our concept keeps the iconic eagle but removes the shield below it. Instead, it opts just for the SS Lazio lettering underneath to let the eagle stand out while respecting the club's name and tradition.

We also imagined how our Lazio crest looks on kitsIn addition to the concept logo and some 'in-use' graphics, we imagined how the Lazio crest would look like on kits - we decided to only put the eagle on the shirts, which greatly works out as a standout feature.

Lazio Matchday Graphics With Concept Logo

Lazio Concept Kits With Concept Logo


There is not any hint that Lazio will change its logo anytime soon.

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