Attached Totti Tongue: Rüdiger To Wear 12-Years Old Nike Boots In Champions League Tonight?

Chelsea FC defender Antonio Rüdiger has trained in a pair of old Nike Tiempo Legend III boots ahead of the UEFA Champions League match against Atletico Madrid tonight.

Antonio Rüdiger usually laces up in the Nike Tiempo Legend VIII football boots. He did not switch to the latest colorway yet, however.

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Antonio Rüdiger Wears Nike Tiempo Legend III Blackout boots In Training

Antonio Rüdiger laced up in a custom pair of the Nike Tiempo Legend 3 football boots from 2009. The boots have been modified by @bwbootsuk for Antonio Rüdiger to fit his needs.

The boots have been modified by UK boot experts BW Boots

First, they are completely blackout with the exception of the Volt parts on the sole plate.

Second, they come with a custom SG stud conversion instead of the original FG ones.

Third, they have a Totti tongue instead of the original tongue of the Tiempo 3 cleats.

Custom Features of Rüdiger Tiempo Boots

  • “Totti” tongue strap
  • SG Stud conversion
  • Blackout

We are not sure if Rüdiger will wear the boots in an official match - So let's watch out for Antonio Rüdiger's boots in the UEFA Champions League tonight.