These Premier League 20-21 Kits Are a Good 'Investment' - Determining Future Value of a Football Shirt

After taking a look at the best deals for the Premier League 2020-2021 jerseys yesterday, we want to cover a very interesting question: How can you determine 'future value' of a football shirt to potentially realize profit in the foreseeable future?

Where To Get Each of the 60 Different 20-21 Premier League Kits the Cheapest

Disclaimer: We do not believe that one should start collecting kits with this mindset, but we want to address this question unbiased to determine how exactly you could make a profit. Additionally, there are better ways to invest your money where you actually have immediate value to redeem.

5 Factors To Maximize the Value of Your Football Kit

We will focus on Premier League 20-21 kits. The order actually is a ranking from least to most important. You do not have to agree with our assessment and we also want to know your point of view. Obviously, you can let us know afterwards in the comments underneath the article.

Factor 1: Price

A very simple point: if you are able to land a bargain it is a positive factor. However, this factor is only important in combination with other factors on this list, because a huge price reduction does not have to come in handy in the foreseeable future.

Factor 2: Popularity

For this point we will simply look at Football Kit Archive and their Premier League 2020-21 kit overview where everybody is able to leave a rating. If a football shirt gets a high rating, we would claim it is popular.

We also believe that there is the opposite effect of a very controversial look that can become iconic over time, but assessing this is trickier (e.g. Arsenal's 1991-93 'bruised banana' away shirt). A potential contender is Manchester United's current third shirt.

A very good example for a popular Premier League 2020-2021 football kit is Manchester City's away shirt that currently has a rating of 4.2/5 stars with 129 casted votes. This leads to second place overall, and Manchester City is a team that will tick even more boxes, but we will get to that later on.

Factor 3: Success

This is a no-brainer, but also tricky to determine at this point of time: the more titles a club celebrates wearing the kits of a certain season, the more popularity those football kits will enjoy later on. To potentially determine future icons, we simply have to take a look at the current Premier League table. Determining an outcome for other competitions is trickier because of the variance-heavy formats.

We also attached the club soccer rankings of our friends over at FiveThirtyEight. They believe Manchester City has a clear edge as other competitors such as Manchester United or Tottenham outperformed their xG during the first half of the season.

Factor 4: Keep Tags / Do Not Even Wear Shirt

This is potentially something you never thought about and we also do not think you should buy a football shirt and treat it this way, because you are supposed to enjoy it. However, keeping the tags intact and attaching them again when you sell a shirt or not even getting the shirt out of the bag will increase the value later on because it will be in a virtually mint condition.

Factor 5: Back Printing

This might be a surprising one for some of you, but it actually is very important to have the right type of player on the back of your shirt, preferrably a player with a lot of goal contributions for his club or a one-club man. The second category is rather rare nowadays. Having an iconic player can potentially double the value of your football shirt in the future.

Do you agree with the five factors? Did we forget any important aspects? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.