Football Logo Redesigns By Ziovisuals

Some days ago, we featured the - highly controversial - logo redesign concepts of French designer @soccer_graph1cs. We have come across a very similar account of concept logos and kits by another French designer known as @ziovisuals, who is also creating "logo redesign proposals".

Football Logo Redesigns by Ziovisuals - Enzio

The concept logos by Ziovisuals are no small edits of the club's current crests but major redesigns. In example, he ditched the classic eagle of Lazio's crest for a kit-inspired eagle, while the Dortmund crest is past all recognition of the team's current branding.

In fact, the BVB concept logo might fit the club's young squad and the team's image better than the current logo.

All in all, it can be said that the logo redesigns by Ziovisuals are much less "offensive" than the ones of Soccer Graphics.

Ziovisuals also created some hugely popular concept kits as well as wallpapers and other football-related stuff.

Do you like these football concept logos? Which would you accept as the new club logo? Comment below.