Mizuno Morelia UL (Ultra Light) Japan Boots Released - K-Leather Under 200g

Mizuno will release a modernized version of the Mizuno Morelia UL cleats as part of their Rebuilt project. The Mizuno Morelia was first launched in 2000 the 2021 rebuilt boots are called "Mizuno Morelia Ultra Light (UL).

Mizuno Morelia UL Japan 'Rebuilt' - Gold

Check out the new Mizuno Morelia Rebuilt soccer boots from the 'Rebuilt' pack below.

The Mizuno Morelia UL Japan 'Gold' have a stunning yet classic design in gold, combined with black and white logos / applications.

The Mizuno 'Rebuilt' Morelia Rebuilt boots come with the classic look of Mzuno's cleats, including the Runbird on the outstep.

Tech-wise, Mizuno's 'Gold' Morelia Rebuilt football boots are a modern remake of the Mizuno Morelia UL football boots silo, which was first released in 2000. They are made for lightweight speed with perfect ball control thanks to a leather upper.

Made in Japan, the 'Gold' Mizuno Morelia Rebuilt cleats have a lightweight k-leather upper. They come with the signature Morelia II sole plate. They weigh in at just 199g at size 270JP (9 US).

Mizuno Morelia UL Japan 'Rebuilt' - Features

  • Rebuilt version of original 2000 Mizuno Morelia UL
  • Lightweight leather football *boot - just 199g
  • Made in Japan
  • Premium grade kangaroo leather
  • Single layer fabric
  • Shiny gold trim with classic black folded tongue
  • Signature Morelia II soles are lightweight with excellent traction
  • Price: ~300 USD
  • Colorway: Gold
  • Release date: 5 March 2021

The new Mizuno Morelia UL Japan boots are available since 5 March 2021, retailing at more than 300 USD (275 GBP).

Let's hear your thoughts on Mizuno's new Morelia UL Japan cleats below.