How to Detect Fake Classic Shirts - Roma 2001-02, Man Utd 2007-09, Real Madrid 2003-04 & Many More

Update: Classic Football Shirts has compared even more recent fake and real football shirts, including the Inter Milan 2009-10 home shirt, Manchester United 2007-09 home jersey and Roma 01-02 home kit. Check it out.

Inter Milan 2009-10 Home

Manchester United 2007-09 Home

Chelsea 2012-13 Third

Real Madrid 2018-19 Away

AS Roma 2001-02 Home

A while back we shared some of most clear giveaways you can use to detect fake shirts before buying.

Yesterday, Classic Football Shirts posted an interesting thread about this on Twitter. In it, they detail some of the ways to detect fake retro shirts.

Being one of the largest retailers for retro shirts, it's very important for CFS to be able to sort out fakes when sourcing shirts. And they seem to be successful as this too, as evidenced by their large number of happy customers. But let's get into the details.

5 Ways to Spot a Fake Football Shirt in 2021

Nike - Dortmund 2004 Away & Manchester United 2006 Home

Mid 200s Adidas and Puma - Real Madrid & Italy

Early 2000s Reebok - Liverpool & Manchester City

With fake classic shirts becoming more and more common on shopping platforms, these details can be very helpful for individual buyers as well.

Have you ever bought a fake retro shirt by accident? Drop us a line below.