Kit Clash? Galatasaray Wears Orange Third Shirt Against Fenerbahce

Update: We have added pictures of Galatasaray wearing their third shirt against Fenerbahce. Check it out below.

Galatasaray Istanbul (2nd place, 45 points) will face Fenerbahçe (1st place, 48 points) later today away from home in a so-called six-pointer, a game that will have a lot of implications on the league table at the end of the season.

However, it is not the massive spectacle or the fact that it is one of Mesut Özil's first games for Fenerbahçe that caught our attention but the unveiling of the kits that will be worn today.

Fenerbahçe vs Galatasaray - Yellow & Blue Stripes Vs Orange

Fenerbahçe, the home team, will wear their traditional blue and yellow stripes in combination with navy shorts and socks, while Galatasaray opted for the orange third shirt with orange shorts and socks. Interestingly, Fenerbahçe opted for their navy third kit back in September 2020, when Galatasaray wore their half-and-half look.

Fenerbahçe 20-21 home, away & third kits

Both teams received three new shirts prior to this season. Unfortunately, all of Fenerbahçe's options include navy / blue, while all Galatasaray 20-21 kits come with red to a certain extent. We will have to wait and see how exactly the kit clash will pan out on television screens, but the preview does not promise an unproblematic affair.

Galatasaray 2020-21 home, away and third shirts

Do you think there will be a kit clash between Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray today? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.