LEAKED: Tottenham 21-22 Third Kit to Be Inspired By N17 North London

The Nike Tottenham 21-22 third kit is set to introduce an interesting purple color scheme, we already revealed some weeks ago. Now we can leak what inspired the Spurs 21-22 third jersey and UEFA Champions League collection - North London, the home of the club.

Tottenham 21-22 Third Kit

This picture shows the colors of the Tottenham 2021-22 third shirt.

The Tottenham 21-22 third jersey is set to be mainly Wild Berry with white logos and black elements. Nothing exact about the design is known yet, but there are some indicators that it will have a design inspired by N17, the postcode district in North London incorporating the area of Tottenham.

Located in North London, the N17 city district area is not only the home of the Tottenham Stadium but also some old streets and houses. These parts of the city inspired Nike for the Spurs 21-22 Champions League collection and kit.

The old streets of N17 inspired Nike for the collection

Spurs 21-22 Third Hooded Jacket

Spurs 21-22 Third Hoodie N17

One item comes with a large logo that incorporates the N17, the Swoosh and the Spurs crest.

Another Nike Spurs 21-22 third kit item features the coordinates (0.0662 W 51.6042 N) of the Tottenham Stadium and a grunge pattern - both could be part of the kit.

Possible Pre-Match Design

Tottenham 21-22 Third (Unlikely) / Champions League Pre-Match Shirt Design Leaked

All in all, we strongly expect the Spurs 21-22 third kit and pre-match shirts to have a grunge graphic design, similar to those seen on the leaked collection items. However, as of today, nothing 100% concrete about the design is known.

Do you look forward to seeing the Tottenham 21-22 third kit? Comment below, and check out the 2021-22 Kit Overview for more.