Milan 21-22 Home Kit "Rumors" Denied

In a bit more than three months, we expect Puma to release the new Milan 2021-2022 home kit. The first info about the kit got leaked in October 2020 - now Italian journalist @SimoneCristao from Milan fan radio Radio Rossonera "has denied the barcode rumors".

(A Bit) Revolutionary: AC Milan 21-22 Home Kit Info Leaked

Milan 21-22 Home Kit To Feature Skyscrapers Skyline Inspired Look?

There have been various concepts of Milan’s 2021-22 home shirt featuring a barcode design. However, Simone Cristao of Radio Rossoneri denied that they will be similar to the actual kit.

“The 2021-22 AC Milan shirt will be neither a barcode nor will it be similar to what could been seen on social media in recent days,” he said on Twitter.

We could imagine the stripes to not end simultaneously at the topAs of the leaked info, the Puma AC Milan 2021-2022 home football shirt will have vertical stripes of different widths. It is also said that the kit will look like "skyscrapers that rise in the Milanese skyline". We could expect the stripes to not end simultaneously at the top but below to look like a skyscrapers skyline.

The journalist did not reveal any further infoThe Milan 21-22 home kit could be already released in May 2021. The journalist did not reveal any further info about the shirt...

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