Roberto Firmino Switches Boot Silos - Adidas To Discontinue Nemeziz

Liverpool midfielder Roberto Firmino has quite surprisingly made the switch from the Adidas Nemeziz boots to the Adidas X Ghosted. He debuted Adidas' speed boot in yesterday's match against West Ham.

Roberto Firmino Switches to Adidas X Ghosted+ Boots

Roberto Firmino had been wearing Adidas Nemeziz football boots for several years.

Roberto Firmino, who had been wearing the Adidas Nemeziz boots since their launch in 2017, quite surprisingly entered the pitch wearing the latest Adidas X Ghosted+ football boots.

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Firmino x Adidas Nemeziz - 2017

Interestingly, this could be also because Adidas is set to discontinue the Nemeziz silo in summer 2021. Messi is also set to switch to the Adidas X silo ahead of the 2021-2022 season.

Adidas To Discontinue Nemeziz Boots - Messi To Switch To Adidas X Speedflow, Just 3 Silos From Summer 2021

Watch out as many more Adidas Nemeziz players are set to be spotted with other boot silos in the coming weeks and months.

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