Adidas Forced To Modify Arsenal 424 Collection In Premier League

If you watched the North London derby between Arsenal and Tottenham yesterday, you might have noticed that the Gunners wore some special stuff ahead of the match - their brand-new Adidas x 424 x Arsenal Collection. However, there was something 'strange' with it.

Adidas Forced To Replace 424 Logo With Red Rectangle To Apply With Equipment Regulations

In order to apply with EPL's kit rules, Adidas was forced to create a special version of the 424 collection without the 424 logo below the Adidas logo. Instead, it featured just a red rectangle.

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Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta was wearing the hoodie of the Adidas x 424 x Arsenal Collection, of course also with red rectangle instead of the 424 logo.

The version of the Adidas x 424 x Arsenal Collection without the 424 is not available to buy - it is sure to become a ultra-rare collector's item.

Adidas x 424 x Arsenal Collection Including Kit Released

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What do you think of the Premier League not allowing two brands on a shirt also ahead of a match? Comment below.