Chelsea Uses Microwaves To Heat Players' Boots

It has been particularly cold in England and other countries of Europe and the US last month. However, while amateur football is still forbidden to play in many countries worldwide, professional football has continued as before. Now English newspaper The Sun revealed that Chelsea has a clever trick to warm up their boots before matches.

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Boots Are Being Warmed Up To Reduce Break In Time

As revealed by The Sun last Saturday, Chelsea FC's players are using a microwave oven to warm their boots before matches. A microwave is in the home dressing room at the club’s Stamford Bridge ground, with a timer that pings when their boots are ready.

It is used to soften the players’ bootsThe oven is used to soften the players’ boots and make them more supple and comfortable to wear.

It is also unplugged and taken on the team bus to domestic away games and is an integral part of pre-match preparations.

A club insider told The Sun: “Modern football boots seem to be pull-on types with much tighter fitting leather relying on a squeeze effect to stay on rather than the laces. So when cold they can be quite tough, quite stiff and awkward to wear at least when they first go on.

It’s actually a valuable addition to their equipment“The players put their boots in the microwave for a minute or two and the timer pings when they are soft enough. It’s actually a valuable addition to their equipment.

It’s not about Premier League millionaires being pampered. It’s about getting the best from the boots as quickly as possible, making the players comfortable so they can perform to their best as quickly as possible.”

Other Teams Use Pro Steam To Warm Up Football Boots

In fact, Chelsea are not the only club who warm up their soccer cleats. However, Arsenal, Manchester United, Wolves and Southampton use a machine called cleatPRO, a professional steam for football boots.

Did you ever have problems to break in your boots in coldnes? What do you think of pro boot steamers? Comment below.