FAKE: New Manchester United 21-22 Home & Away Kit "Leaks" Are Not Real

"Leaks" of the Manchester United 21-22 home and away kits are doing the rounds online, and have even made it to the Mirror and Classic Football Shirts, among others.

We can confirm that both pictures are just Photoshops based on the available leaked info, earlier predictions and our exclusive leak of the away kit.

Manchester United 21-22 Away Kit Leaked

And while the Photoshops are pretty good, especially if we look at the botched pictures that can be found on Twitter or the Mirror, having a look at the original source easily reveals a few clear giveaways of them being fake.

The pictures were created by Jefry Abrianto, who's a YouTuber from Indonesia. He uploaded to short clips showing close-ups of both shirts...

The pattern on the away is also off - we've seen the real shirt and it features more blue. There's also a small error in the pattern.

The sponsor application is also odd. Apart from a random handball jersey, TeamViewer usually don't use this version of their logo. The release material for the sponsorship was also pretty clear about what to expect.

Also interestingly, the channel picture on YouTube shows what we believe to be an earlier and less convincing draft of the home shirt.

Something else that's off about the pictures is the styling of the model. While we were unable to locate the exact pictures that were used as the base of these Photoshops, they're clearly older. Adidas used to have this style of imagery for its kit launches around 2016-2018, whereas today's pictures are different and the models usually pair the football shirts with more casual items such as jeans.

Twitter user @tomrab01 managed to find the original base for the home shirt "leak" - it's Manchester United's very own 2017-18 home shirt.

We haven't see the home kit yet, but it's unlikely that it will look similar to this - Jefry seems to have just based his "leak" on the prediction @hendocfc did back in December.

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