FC Barcelona 21-22 Third T-Shirt Leaked

Important: As mentioned several times in the article and the headline, the leaked product is just showing a t-shirt inspired by kit. The actual Barcelona 21-22 third kit will look different.

We are able to leak images of a lifestyle product inspired by Barcelona's new 2021-22 third shirt.

FC Barcelona Nike 2021-22 Third Shirt

Check out Nike's FC Barcelona 2021-22 third t-shirt below.

The Nike FC Barcelona 2021-2022 third t-shirt has a unique design inspired by the Barça 21-22 third kit. The Nike Barcelona 2021-2022 third t-shirt is mainly yellow with an one-of-a-kind multicolor graphic design.

In fact, the design shows off 5 separate prints inspired by five districts of Barcelona. The actual Barça 21-22 third kit will have a similar look.

The back and the sleeves are solid yellow. The Swoosh sits on the left sleeve.

The Barcelona 2021-22 third tee costs you 25 Euro.

What's your opinion on Barça's third kit inspired t-shirt? Let us know in the comments below, and check out the 21-22 Kit Overview for more Nike football kit leaks.