Haaland Allowed To Wear Hairband With Swoosh In Champions League?

Update: BVB faces Sevilla in the UEFA Champions League tonight. We will keep our eyes peeled on Erling Haaland's hairband to see if it will feature a visible Swoosh.

Ronaldinho (2006 New York friendly) & Haaland (2021 in the UEFA Champions League)

UEFA Rules Allow One Manufacturer identification on Headgear

In the first leg, Haaland wore a black hair band without a visible Swoosh.

UEFA Equipment regulations do allow one manufacturer identification not exceeding 20cm² anywhere on headgear, so Haaland could wear a hairband with the little Swoosh (defined in X - Special equipment worn on the field of players).

Haaland Forced To Blackout Swoosh On Hairband vs Bayern?

Netting in a brace against Bayern München, Erling Haaland became the fastest player in football history to score 100 goals as a professional. In the match, Erling Haaland was wearing a headband that was different to the one used in previous games.

Haaland Forced to Blackout Hairband in German Bundesliga

Erling Haaland wore a white hairband with a black element in the front area. A closer look reveals that the black element is indeed black Edding to cover the Swoosh.

Strangely enough, Erling Haaland wore the same Nike hairband with the Swoosh in previous Bundesliga matches, but blacked-out it for the match against Bayern.

However, while we first thought that DFL rules do not allow players to wear a hairband with a branding (Swoosh), a look in the league's official regulations reveals that "a single type of manufacturer identification is allowed" on Headgear [defined in § 35 (2) c].

Bundesliga rules actually allow a small manufacturer identification on Headgear

It remains a mystery why Haaland blacked-out the Swoosh, but we could well expect that the referee forced him (and was not aware of the league's rules).

Watch out for Erling Haaland and his hairband in the coming matches and the UEFA Champions League.

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