Half-and-Half FC Barcelona 21-22 Home Kit Shorts Banned By UEFA?

The Barcelona 21-22 home shirt will be combined with half-and-half shorts, it was leaked some days ago. Now some kit experts rose the question if UEFA allows teams to wear half-and-half shorts at all.

To find out if UEFA allows teams to have half-and-half shorts, we took a look in the current UEFA Equipment Regulations. And while we were pretty sure that UEFA won't allow half-and-half, we were surprised by our finding, or not finding.

UEFA Equipment Regulations Do Not Forbid Half-and-Half Shorts

After we have scanned UEFA's 68-page document, it seems like UEFA does not prevent teams to wear half-and-half shorts. In fact, UEFA does not have any clear regulations on shorts colors - we assume that what applies for shirts also applies for shorts and socks.

We do not remember any team wearing half-and-half shorts in UEFA competitions. Galatasaray had half-and-half shorts and socks in the 2015-16 season, but only wore those in one single league match (via @McDennis08).

UEFA Could Still Want Barcelona To Wear Solid-Colored ShortsHowever, even though there is no rule that forbids half-and-half shorts, we wouldn't be too surprised if UEFA won't Barcelona to wear their half-and-half shorts. UEFA / referees can force any team to change their uniform in the end.

Barcelona's half-and-half kit in 2008-09 was combined with blue shorts.

Do you think UEFA will allow Barcelona to wear half-and-half shorts? Comment below, and feel free to check out the full UEFA Equipment Regulations.