LEAKED: Tottenham 21-22 Away Kit To Feature This Insane Design + Modernized First-Ever Logo?

Update: We are able to leak more information about the Tottenham 21-22 away kit. It appears now more likely that the kit will feature an outstanding graphic pattern, while the shirt could also feature a modernized version of the club's first-ever logo instead of the standard logo.

In 2021, Tottenham celebrates the 100-years anniversary since the team started to use the now famous rooster on their kit. After being founded in 1882-83, they first just used an H, than the letters HFC (1883-84) as well as a Celtic cross (1885). Mostly in the first years of the team until 1921, however, Tottenham Hotspur's kits had no badge at all.

An insane new Tottenham Hotspur away jacket gives us a preview of the club's black and venom green 21-22 away kit. It is made by Nike and will be worn in the 2021-22 Premier League.

Tottenham Nike 2021-22 Away Jacket

Check out Nike's Tottenham 2021-22 away jacket below.

The Nike Tottenham Hotspur 2021-22 away jacket boasts an insane look. The jacket combines a black base with Venom Green logos and an extraordinary all-over multicolor graphic print.

It is not sure if Nike will use the graphic for the Spurs 21-22 away kit as dominantly

Tottenham Hotspur FC 2021-2022 Away Jersey

LEAKED: Nike Tottenham 21-22 Away Kit Info - First Black Nike Spurs Kit

In fact, the two base colors (Black & Venom Green) are the same as those of the club's 21-22 away jacket.

This Spurs 21-22 hat features the possible design of the away kit

Barcelona's hat comes with the design of the 21-22 home kit

However, it is not certain yet that Spurs 21-22 away kit will have that graphic design. Nike could also use it for the pre-match jersey only, or just on some parts of the kit.

Spurs 21-22 Away Shirt Collection

Tottenham 21-22 Away kit To Have New Alternative Club Logo?

What is also very interesting is that there are various leaked products with an alternative crest. The alternative logo is made up of the first-ever Tottenham crest and a ultra-modern silver & Volt shimmering design.

It is possible but more unlikely than likely for the Spurs 21-22 away kit to have the alternative crest

It is possible but more unlikely than likely for the Spurs 21-22 away kit to have the alternative crest - some updated article image replace the modernized first-ever crest with the standard logo.

Tottenham's 21-22 away jacket will be released in July 2021, as the 21-22 away jacket. Tottenham Hotspur's new 2021-2022 away jacket retails at 95 Euro.

Would you like the Spurs 21-22 away kit to feature that design? Do you like or not like Spurs' away jacket? Let us know in the comments below, and check out the 21-22 Jacket Overview for more Nike football kit leaks.