Leaked: Nike Liverpool 21-22 Home Kit Features New Nike Collar

Last week, the new Nike Liverpool FC 21-22 home kit was leaked. It not only features a modern new color scheme but also a brand-new Nike collar.

Liverpool 21-22 Home Kit Leaked

New Nike Liverpool Collar For 2021-2022

The new Nike collar for the Liverpool 21-22 home kit is designed to be both functional and stylish. It consists of two parts that are overlapping - a front part and one overlapping one in the back.

While the front collar is a very simple round one in Bright Crimson, the overlapping back collar has a three-color design.

Unfitting Collar Of Liverpool 20-21 Home Kit Causes Controversy - Should Nike Fix It?

The overlapping collar style allows for maximum freedom while still being uniqueThe main advantage of that overlapping collar type is that it offers the maximum freedom of a crew neck collar while don't being as generic as traditional round collar.

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