New Spain Logo Unveiled - Debut on 2022 Kits

Update: The Spanish football federation released alternative colorways of the new 2021 logo. We also added more pictures of the new RFEF and Spain national football team logos.

Besides launching the brand-new Euro 2020 away kit, the Spanish national team this morning also presented its brand-new visual identity and logo.

New Spain 2021 National Team Logo

Check out the new logo compared to the previous one below.

The new Spain logo is based on the old one but various aspects are changed and / or simplified. The number of colors has also been reduced to just red and yellow - although it has to be remembered that most recent Spain kits already featured a recolored red and yellow version of the badge before.

With the current 2020 home and away kits still boasting the previous logo, the new Spain logo will only make its debut on the Spain 2022 kits. It's a similar case to Brazil, who unveiled a new logo in April of 2019, but did not have it on their kits until late last year.

New RFEF Logo

The Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) also has a new logo. It's extremely simplistic and just consists of an outlined circle with the letters RF-EF inside it.

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