'Next-Gen' New Balance Furon 6+ & Tekela 2021 Boots Released

New Balance today unveiled two new boots as part of their Spring 2021 collection - its latest evolution Furon 6+ alongside a color-up of the Tekela v3.

New Balance Furon 6+ - Vibrant Lime Glo and Citrus Punch - Next-Gen Fit Weave Upper

The 'next-gen' New Balance Furon 6+ is not a whole next generation but is based on the popular New Balance Furon v6. It features New Balance’s next generation Fit Weave upper technology to provide lightweight stability. The enhanced low profile knitted collar is the only tweak to the shape of the boot, offering better lockdown.

Old vs new gen - Furon v6 vs Vuron 6+

A clean and classy look, the New Balance Furon v6 'Twisted Silver' boots are predominantly 'munsell white' with silver metallic accents and brandings.

'Whiteout': Limited-Edition New Balance Furon 'Twisted Silver' Boots Released

New Balance's previous Furon was called "New Balance Furon v6" - the latest Furon is called Furon 6+.

The launch paint job of the New Balance Furon 6+ combines Vibrant Lime Glo and Citrus Punch shades.

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New Balance Furon 6+ - Features

  • Using NB's latest algorithmic advancements in data-to-design, new high-resolution Fit Weave is smarter, delivering durability and stretch
  • Lightweight synthetic construction
  • Firm ground cleats for use on firm ground surfaces
  • Low knit collar for a sock-like, lockdown fit
  • Pro-level lightweight nylon plate
  • Adjustable lace closure for a customized fit
  • Refined design details for enhanced lightweight perception and a feeling of direct contact with the ground and ball
  • Flying NB graphic at toe
  • Lightweight synthetic suede lining for increased comfort and moisture management
  • Anti-slip top cloth to reduce foot slipping during play

New Balance Tekela v3 - Cyclone Grey / Bleached Lime Glo / Citrus Punch

The New Balance Tekela 2021 boots of the pack has a more understated yet fitting look - it is Cyclone Grey, combined with Bleached Lime Glo and Citrus Punch.

Tech-wise, the laceless New Balance Tekela v3 in grey, red and yellow is the same as previous colorways.

New Balance Tekela v3 - Features

  • Integrated Hypoknit upper designed to provide strategic areas of stretch and support
  • Kinetic Stitch construction adds support where it's needed without compromising flexibility
  • Full-foot stretch knit upper construction
  • Laceless closure for secure lock-down and stability
  • Lightweight nylon outsole for incredible feel and feedback
  • Multi-directional cleats
  • Multifunctional strike zones provide feedback from shoe to player
  • Engineered for control and accuracy
  • Oversized N on lateral side, New Balance wordmark logo on medial side

The New Balance Furon 6+ and Tekela v3 2021 boots are available since 12 March 2021.

What do you think of New Balance updating the tech of the boot before releasing a "whole" new generation? Do you like these two New Balance boots? Comment below.