Nike 'Impulse Pack' Euro 2020 Boots Collection Released - Now Available

Update: As announced, the Nike Impulse pack is now available to buy. Meanwhile, @bootcollector shared a neat picture showing off the geometric heel graphic that can be found on each silo - a triangle on the Phantom, a circle on the Tiempo and a chevron on the Mercurial.

Update: The Nike Summer 2021 football boots pack has been now officially revealed by Nike. Called "Nike Impulse Pack", is set to be worn in the UEFA Euro 2020. It will be available from Tuesday, May 18, 2021.

Nike's new summer 201 pack includes maritime colors for all of Nike's three boot silos - Mercurial, Phantom GT, and Tiempo.

We expect Nike to release a gold football boots collection for the knockout stage of the Euro 2020 / as a celebration pack.

EXCLUSIVE: Nike To Release Gold Boots Collection - Incl. Next-Gen Mercurial

Nike Impulse Pack - Summer 2021 Soccer Cleats Pack - Aqua Colors

A fresh look, the new Nike Summer 2021 soccer cleats combine "aqua" colors. They have a streamlined look - the colors used for all three boots are Dynamic Turquoise, Lime Glow & Aquamarine.

Each of the three boots has a different main color - The Nike Mercurial colorway is "Dynamic Turquoise", the Phantom GT "Lime Glow" and the Tiempo "Aquamarine".

The official name of the Nike Summer 2021 boots collection is not known yet.

Nike Mercurial Superfly 8 - Dynamic Turquoise / Lime Glow

Officially dubbed "Dynamic Turquoise & Lime Glow", these new Nike Mercurial Superfly soccer cleats are turquoise blue with turquoise green applications and a black-bordered Swoosh.

'Dynamic Turquoise' Next-Gen Nike Mercurial Superfly 2021 Boots Leaked

Nike Phantom GT - Lime Glow

The new Phantom GT soccer cleats from Nike are predominantly volt with teal Swooshes as well as black accents and trim.

'Lime Glow' Nike Phantom GT 2021 Boots Leaked

Nike Tiempo Legend VIII - Aquamarine / White / Lime Glow

The Nike Tiempo Legend VIII 'Aquamarine / White / Lime Glow' introduces a fresh look for the Tiempo football shoes. The new Nike Tiempo Legend VIII boots combine a turquoise green upper with white/black for logos and green for design elements.

'Aquamarine' Nike Tiempo Legend 8 2021 Boots Leaked - Last Current-Gen Tiempo?

The Nike Summer 2021 football boots collection will be launched on 18 May 2021.

EXCLUSIVE: Nike To Release Gold Boots Collection - Incl. Next-Gen Mercurial

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