Rate & Tier Up All MLS 2021 Kits

The Major League Soccer 2021 release season is over. In less than three weeks, the league will kick off their 2021 season. We today rank all the new MLS 2021 jerseys.

2021 MLS Kit Overview: All 27 Team's (Adidas) Jerseys Released

2021 MLS Jerseys

What makes Major League Soccer different to most other leagues is that all kits are made by one supplier - Adidas. In contrast to most other football teams, all MLS teams did just release a single new kit for the 2021 season.

Some of the new MLS 2021 kits were big hits, others notIn total, 29 new kits have been designed by Adidas for the 2021 season. Some of them were big hits on social media (e.g. Seattle Sounders x Jimmy Hendrix kit), while others did hardly get any attention (Nashville, Columbus Crew, Vancouver Whitecaps.)

According to the users of kit website Football Kit Archive, the best MLS 2021 jersey is Toronto's 2021 home kit with 4.7 from 5 stars. The worst-rated kit if the 2021 Columbus Crew away kit.

We put the 29 different MLS 2021 jerseys in five tiers, from S (Supreme ) To D. Two kits made it two the supreme tier - Toronto FC and Seattle Sounders.

In general, we are no fans of the 'white' jerseys, especially if teams do not opt for a white kit but a grayish jersey to avoid the white.

We ask you to vote the MLS 2021 jerseys on Football Kit Archive and to create you own MLS 2021 kit tier list.

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