UEFA Women's EURO 2022 Logo Revealed

Already on February 21 2021, UEFA unveiled the brand-new identity for UEFA Women's EURO 2022.

The UEFA Women's EURO 2022 in England from 6 to 31 July promises to be the biggest women's football event in UEFA history, deserving of the fresh, open and contemporary look that reflects the strength, diversity and ever-growing popularity of the game. Originally scheduled for 2021, the tournament was, like UEFA EURO 2020, postponed by a year.

UEFA Women's EURO 2022 Visual Identity

The official UEFA Women's EURO 2022 has a fresh and modern look. It combines the color turquoise blue and pinkish red while cleverly incorporating all the important elements of the tournament - the silhouette of the trophy as well as the name.

In fact, it is the first time that UEFA released a bespoke visual identity for a Women's EURO. Previous tournaments all had the same logo and color scheme.

Together with the new logo, UEFA also launched the respective branding of the UEFA Women's EURO 2022. It has a modern and fresh illustration style.

"We’re thrilled to share this new identity for the UEFA Women's EURO 2022," said UEFA chief of women's football, Nadine Kessler.

"This new branding brings a fresh look and eye-catching feel for the tournament as we begin the countdown to next summer. We can't wait to see this emblem across host cities, stadiums and television when the action begins."

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