Adidas Scraps Original Logo Plans For Manchester United 21-22 Kits

Update: The fakers produced the Manchester United 21-22 away kit with the Trefoil logo. We wonder what will happen with these counterfeit products but think it will most likely be sold for little money now.

The new Adidas Manchester United 21-22 kits got leaked via real pictures last week. They feature more or less the same designs as what we leaked with some remarkable differences - let us find out why.

Adidas 21-22 Manchester United Home Jersey - Prototype vs Final Kit

The Manchester United 2021-2022 home kit was supposed to feature centered logos visible on our leak. However, in the end, Adidas ditched the idea of centered logos and opted for traditional logo placements.

It is not known why Adidas decided against the Trefoil logo for the away kitApart from the centered logos, our render of the Man United 21-22 home kit was totally correct. Our leak was based on an earlier sample version of the kit.

Adidas 21-22 Manchester United Away Jersey - Prototype vs Final Kit

For the away shirt, Adidas wanted to replace the modern logo with the classic Trefoil branding. This was inspired by the original Manchester United 1991-93 away kit which also had the Trefoil.

It is not known why Adidas decided against the Trefoil logo yet.

Apart from this difference, other things to our leak were correct - the graphic design was hard to replicate but gave the right impression.

It is nothing new that Adidas changes some elements of their kits shortly ahead of production, especially for their biggest teams. The Real Madrid 20-21 home kit was supposed to have bold sleeve cuffs, but in the end, just had solid white sleeve cuffs.

The Adidas 21-22 Manchester United home and away jerseys will most likely be launched in July 2021 - the TeamViewer deal begins on 1 July 2021.

Manchester United 21-22 Home, Away & Third Kits Leaked

Which version do you prefer? Do you like the final design? Share your thoughts in the comments below.