Bundesliga Allows Teams To Have Custom League Sleeve Badge, But Only For Special Kits

Borussia Dortmund wore a stunning 1990s-inspired kit last Sunday. The shirt did not only feature a great design with classic kit numbers but also a special Bundesliga sleeve badge.

Custom Bundesliga Sleeve Badges

Instead of the regular red and white Bundesliga sleeve badge, BVB wore a black/white badge that greatly fitted the kit.

This was not the first time that a Bundesliga team wore a custom sleeve logo - the German Football League (DFL) allows teams to alter the sleeve badge for special-edition kits.

The German Football League (DFL) allows teams to have special-colored sleeve badges for special-edition kitsFor example, Gladbach and BVB also wore a stealth blackout Bundesliga sleeve badge with their special 'blackout' jerseys.

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The DFL does not allow custom sleeve badges for usual kits during the season. The MLS has custom-colored sleeve badges for all teams.

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