Leaked: Adidas 2022-23 Kits To Feature Three Stripes Not Only On Shoulders

Some weeks ago, we reported that Adidas ditched the stripes on the sides of the shirt for the 2021-22 season. Now we can leak that the Three Stripes brand's jerseys will have different Three Stripes in the 2022-23 season again.

Adidas Ditches Side 3 Stripes for 2021-22 Kits

Adidas Condivo 22 Kit - Main Template For 22-23 Season

In the 2021-22 season, all Adidas jerseys that have been bespoke created by Adidas come with the same Three Stripes on the shoulders. There is not any variation.

As the leaked Adidas Condivo 22 Goalkeeper Jersey reveals, the new Adidas 22-23 kits template does not only feature a new cut but also 'new' Three Stripes. Instead of being just on the shoulders, the Three Stripes go until about 40% of the sleeves.

In fact, the Three Stripes for the 22-23 season Condivo 22 template reminds us of the look of Adidas' jerseys for 2015-16 and 2011-12.

Three Stripes that go until the end of the sleeve cuffs have been forbidden in 2008In case you are wondering - we will never again see Three Stripes from Adidas that go until the end of the sleeve cuffs without interruption as those are prohibited by UEFA's Equipment Regulations, defined as "Sleeve Free Zone".

The sleeve free zone was introduced in 2008 - since then there had been no major Adidas kits with the continuous Three Stripes on the sleeves.

UEFA Equipment Regulations - Sleeve free zone

An area at least 12cm long and 8cm wide, positioned symmetrically along the outer seam of each sleeve, between the shoulder point and the elbow point on long-sleeved shirts and between the shoulder point and the sleeve end on short-sleeved shirts, and at an identical distance from the shoulder point on both short-sleeved and long-sleeved shirts.>

The first Adidas 2022 shirts could be released in Fall 2021The first Adidas 2022 shirts could be released in Fall 2021, if Adidas launches the 2022 World Cup kits already then (the Qatar World Cup takes place in November-December 2022, so all kits releases for the World Cup could be later than usual).

What do you think of all Adidas 21-22 kits having shoulder stripes? Would you like that Adidas could bring back the stripes that go until the end of the sleeves? Comment below.