Mesut Özil to Join Concave

Update: Now Özil has been spotted with a custom black / white / gold pair of the Concave Halo + K Leather boots. The cleats have been decorated with Özil's personal logo on the heel of the inside of the foot. Thanks to UnderStuds.

When returning to training after an injury this week, Mesut Özil was not wearing his usual pair of golden Nike Mercurial boots. Instead, he wore soccer cleats from a small football brand.

Mesut Özil had been without a boot contract since Adidas decided to not renew with the former German international in summer 2020.

Mesut Özil Trains in Custom Concave Football Boots

Mesut Özil laced up in a white pair of football boots that is not easy to identify at first glance. However, a closer look at the outstep reveals that there is the golden logo of Concave.

Concave is a small Australia-based football boots manufacturer. They are best known for their trademark Concave element that is designed to increase shooting power and accuracy by providing a larger sweet spot.

Özil's boots come with custom colors and his signature logo

The boots worn by Mesut Özil appear to be the Concave Halo + K Leather boots, which were released last year.

The Concave Halo + cleats are made for ultimate comfort, power and accuracy. They have a kangaroo leather upper with stitching across the boot.

The trademark feature is the patented AccuStrike Railing System (ARS) technology that increases the kicking sweet spot and improves accuracy by guiding the ball as it wraps around the foot.

What is also interesting is that Özil's boots come with custom colors and his signature logo - a clear indicator that he is in talks with the brand.

Watch out for Mesut Özil's boots in the coming weeks.

Would Özil be a good player for Concave? Have you ever tried Concave's football boots? Share your thoughts in the comments below.