Inter Wear 20-21 Fourth Kit vs Roma - Ultimately Allowed By Serie A, Small Error With Brozovic's Kit

Update: Inter's Brozovic was wearing the wrong shorts yesterday night, it has been spotted by @rupertalbe. He wore the shorts of the regular home kit with a full-color crest instead of the fourth shirt with a yellow monochromatic Inter logo.

Update: Here are a few pictures from the one and only on-pitch appearance of Inter's outstanding fourth kit from the match against Roma (won 3-1). This was also the first time for the new club badge to appear on the club's kit.

Update: Perhaps surprisingly, Inter have just announced that they will wear the outstanding 2020-21 special jersey in the Serie A match against Roma tomorrow.

After it was earlier reported in Italy that the shirt violated the league's kit regulations, it remains to be seen whether any changes were made to comply or if the shirt will be used as is.

Original article: Inter Milan wanted to debut their new Nike 2020-2021 fourth kit in Sunday's match against Cagliari. Now Italian media report that the Lega Serie A did not approve Inter's request to wear the kit.

Inter's special kit is available in FIFA 21 since April 10 2021.

Serie A Does Not Allow More Than Three Colors

As stated in Article 2.2 of the official Serie A Equipment rules (Regolamento Delle Divise Da Gioco), kits are not allowed to feature more than three colors.

"Article 2.2: No element (jersey, (jersey, shorts and socks) of the uniform worn by the outfield players may not contain more than three colors, regardless of the colors used for the lettering (number, player's name, sponsor, etc.)"

The rules also say that if three colors are used one must be the dominant color.

"If three colors are used, one must be clearly dominant on the surface of the jersey, shorts and socks and the socks and the other colors must be clearly secondary colors".

In fact, Serie A allows teams to have a fourth color on their kit if it is used for "small, decorative elements".

"Article 2.4: The use of a fourth color on the game jerseys is authorized, the same color used for the lettering, provided that it covers only a very small part of the jersey's surface and is only used for small, purely decorative elements."

Are you glad to see Inter use the outstanding fourth kit in Serie A action after all? Comment below.