Puma Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Czech Republic 2021-22 Away Kits Released

The new away kits of Puma's European international teams - Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, and Switzerland - got released today, introducing a never-before-seen logo alignment on the front.

The new kits reimagine traditional kit design

“The new Italy kit reimagines traditional kit design,” said Heiko Desens, Global Director Creative and Innovation. “Our aim was to create groundbreaking design that brings newness and energy. The kit celebrates Italy’s national pride, inspiring them to achieve greatness at this summer’s major championships. We want to continue to push the boundaries, and this is just the beginning of an exciting new direction for PUMA.”

Puma International 21-22 Away Kits

The various national team logos leave the prime spot with Puma's taking the center stage, alongside the country name. Austria's doesn't even feature the logo on the front of the shirt - apart from a subtle jacquard pattern.

We will see the new away kits in action during the Euro this summer. The 2020-21 away kits are being replaced after just one year.


Predominantly white, the Puma Italy 21-22 away football shirt is based on the new Puma template for 21-22 and features a very unique design.

Based on the same template, the two goalkeeper kits are navy and yellow.

Czech Republic

The Puma Czech Republic 2021-22 away shirt is mainly white red stripes on the shoulders and on the sides of the chest, while the Puma logos on the front and sleeves are blue.

Predominantly black, the Puma Czechia 2022 goalkeeper football shirt features a red stripe on each shoulder while the sleeve cuffs and Puma logos are blue.


The Puma Switzerland 2021-22 away football shirt is white with red trim and logos, featuring the name of the country in French, Suisse placed in the center of the front just below the Puma logo.

Based on the same template and boasting the same composition, the Puma Switzerland 2022 goalkeeper shirt is dark grey and also adds a pattern of Swiss Crosses applied as jacquard across the front and sleeves.


A very clean look, the Puma Austria 21-22 away shirt is black and doesn't feature a team badge on the front.

The Puma Austria 2022 goalkeeper football shirt is white with black logos, based on the same template.

The new Puma International 2021-22 away kits are available since April 22, 2021.

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