Puma Lazertouch Boots Pack Released - Kangaroo Leather Revolutionized?

Puma today launched the Lazertouch Pack, combining premium leather editions of the FUTURE Z 1.1 and the ULTRA 1.2 football boots with Puma's exclusive, cutting-edge Lazertouch technology to enhance both touch and feel on the ball.

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Puma Lazertouch 2021 Football Boots Collection

Design-wise, the boots of the Puma Lazertouch pack are understated. Both the new Puma Future Z and the Ultra have black as the predominant color, with logos only highlighted through the use of different materials. The Future comes with white for the trademark Fuzionfit + element.

Lazertouch eliminates the leather of going baggyWhat makes the boots interesting is the tech part. The Puma Lazertouch soccer cleats are crafted to combine the advantages of soft kangaroo leather uppers without the disadvantages of natural leather material, which wears out and goes bagggy (wider and wider) over time. This is made possible with Lazertouch.

Lazertouch are lasers to engrave patterns, which are fused with the leather to create textures. In this case, there is a pattern applied to selected strike zones to further enhance the leather's control of the ball.

Puma Future Z 1.1 Lazertouch - Black / Silver

The new Puma Future Z Lazertouch soccer boots have an understated yet stylish look. They are all-black with black brandings and a subtle camouflage pattern.

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Puma Ultra 1.2 Lazertouch - Triple Black

Design-wise, the 'Black / Black / Black' Puma Ultra Lazertouch football boots are understated. They are all-black with black logos.

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The Puma Lazertouch football boots retail at 200 Euro. Of course, there are no takedowns available.

Do you like the Puma Lazertouch leather football boots? Do you think the technology works? Comment below.