AC Milan 21-22 Pre-Match & Lifestyle Collection Released

Along with the new AC Milan uniforms for the 21-22 Serie A season, Puma has released training tops and a range of lifestyle clothing.

AC Milan Puma 21-22 Pre-Match Tops

This is the AC Milan 2021-22 pre-match shirt, made by Puma.

Part of the training tops is a black jersey with red details on the sleeves. The AC Milan logo sits on top of the Puma one, both of which are placed in the middle of the shirt and in white.

Follows a similar colourway, the pre-match jacket is mainly black with a large red V-shape design that runs around the sleeves then toward the back. Like the jersey counterpart, the logos are monochrome, but, instead of being on top of another, they are now located on either side of the jacket.

All AC Milan pre-match tops are made from 100% polyester.

Puma AC Milan 2021-22 Lifestyle Range

There are two lines in the lifestyles range of the new 21-22 AC Milan Ftbl collection: 'Core' and 'Culture'. Whichever line you choose, red, black, and white are all the options on offer.

All 'Core' products are fairly straightforward in terms of design with a single-colour top, featuring an 'ACM' graphic on the chest with Puma logo placed right underneath.

Meanwhile, the 'Culture' line sports a more competitive look to it with the logos of the club and Puma on the sides of the chest. There are also two triangle patches of different colours found on the sleeves. A maze graphic with the phrase 'We The FIRE' are put either in front for the hoodies and jacket or on the back for the shirt.

In addition to the tops, track pants with red and white details complete the AC Milan 'Culture' lifestyle line of clothing.

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