Barcelona, Chelsea, Liverpool, PSG & Real Madrid 21-22 Home Kits Leaked - PSG "Basketball Shorts" Confirmed

Update: We were sent new pictures of the new Nike Barcelona, Chelsea, Liverpool and PSG 21-22 home kits by our follower Tracy, who spotted on sale in a sports store. While we've seen plenty of most of these shirts already, the new pictures are the first to completely confirm the basketball-inspired design of the PSG 21-22 home shorts.

It seems that the first 21-22 kit releases are just days away - Now the many of next season's 21-22 home kits have been spotted for sale. Thanks to Pedro Jimenez (@pjimenez71).

5 21-22 Home Shirts Spotted For Sale

Confirming the leaks, all the leaked 21-22 home kits on display show authentic official and final products. This means that the shirts are identical to those that you will be able to buy later this month, in contrast to some early leaks.

The kits that were on display are the Nike Chelsea, Liverpool PSG, and Barcelona 21-22 home kits as well as the Adidas Real Madrid 21-22 home kits.

All these kits will be released in May certainly

FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona 21-22 Home Kit Leaked - 'Dri Fit ADV' Version


Nike Chelsea 21-22 Home Kit Leaked - New Pictures


Liverpool 21-22 Home Kit Leaked


Jordan PSG 21-22 Home Kit Leaked

Real Madrid

Exclusive: Real Madrid 21-22 Home Kit Leaked

We expect all these home kits to be released in the third and fourth week of May (17-30 May 2021).

Which of these Nike kits is your favorite? Have you personally spotted any unreleased 21-22 shirts in a store? Comment below.