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Dortmund To Change Puma 21-22 Cup Kit After Fan Protests

A few days ago, the new Puma Borussia Dortmund 21-22 Cup kit was leaked. Fans protested heavily against it not featuring the club crest, and now there is information that the club has decided to change the jersey.

After the leak, BVB has publicly rowed back and announced via Twitter that the criticism had been received and that the "leaked" jersey does not correspond to the original.

Borussia Dortmund 21-22 Cup Kit Leaked

Movie poster with BVB 09 branding

BVB 21-22 Cup Kit To Feature "BVB 09" & Possibly Also Club Logo

According to information of BVB fan site schwatzgelb, the BVB logo is set to be on the jersey after all, if possible. "BVB 09" is to adorn the chest instead of "Dortmund" - assuming Puma's approval.

Due to the DFB's implementing regulations, BVB would have to apply for individual approval for this design to be allowed to use the jersey in the DFB Cup.

The website Schwatzgelb also says the jersey is based on a contractual agreement between Puma and BVB. This is said to have been agreed as part of the contract extension in 2019. Since then, Borussia has been collecting around 20 million euros more per year but one condition was the "supplier jersey".

BVB Ultras expressed their disapproval

BVB Ultras expressed their disapproval with banners opposite the office: "Cramer [Dortmund managing director]: The BVB logo is not a toy for your bonuses!" and "Anyone who does not honor the crest is not worth Borussia!".

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