UEFA Europa League 2021 Logo Revealed

Update: UEFA this week not only unveiled the official UEFA Europa Conference League trophy but also gave the first look at the new branding of the UEFA Europa League. Both competitions are heavily intertwined.

Both competitions are heavily intertwinedBoth the UEFA Europa League and UEFA Europa Conference League brand identities contain different expressions of a device referred to as the energy wave.

With the introduction of the UEFA Europa Conference League, the UEFA Europa League brand identity was also upgraded to reflect the more competitive and selective nature of the competition.

Warning: "Old" Champions league on UEFA's picture

On Sunday, we leaked the new 2021 UEFA Champions League logo. Now we can reveal that UEFA will also update the logo of the UEFA Europa League this year.

The current UEFA Europa League logo was launched in 2015, replacing the first-ever logo of the tournament.

2021 also sees the start of the all-new UEFA Conference League.

2021 UEFA Europa League Logo

The new 2021 UEFA Europa League Logo boasts the same look as the UEFA Conference League logo, just with the rings in orange and the trophy of the Europa League.

In terms of colors, the new UEFA Europa League branding is similar to the current branding.

All in all, the new Europa League look has a bolder look with less detailing - optimized for the digital era of the early 2020s.

Together with the logo, UEFA will also introduce a new branding for the UEFA Europa League, replacing the UEFA Europa League brand for the 2018-21 circle.

2021-24 Europa League Sleeve Badges

The new UEFA Europa League 2021 kit sleeve badge has the style of the new logo. The title holders badge comes with the number of titles in the center of it.

UEFA Europa League & Europa Conference League Anthem 2021-22

The new UEFA Europa Conference League and the UEFA Europa League will both use the same anthem.

The new 2021 UEFA Europa League logo and branding are set to be officially launched in Summer 2021.

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All-New UEFA Europa Conference League Logo Revealed

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