Fluminense 2021 Home Kit Revealed

Fluminense unveiled their new home jersey for the 2021 season.

Fluminense 2021 Home Jersey

This is the new Umbro Fluminense home shirt for 2021.

Marking the 115 years since the club's first Carioca Championship in 1906, Umbro has dedicated the new home shirt to this historic moment in Fluminense history.

Back in April, we reported that the new Fluminense 2021 home jersey is going to be based on their 1906 kit, their first year sporting the tricolours look. The new shirt with a combination of garnet and green stripes and thinner white ones.

Like any Umbro jersey, the diamonds faintly appear. This time on the garnet stripes.

To celebrate the 1906 triumph, Umbro prints two tags, one on the inside of the collar and one down at the hem of the jersey. Both tags feature the tricolors with a minimalist symbol of Fluminense and the celebrated dates. There is also some text about the event that day.

At the bottom left of the jersey, there is also a silhouette of the first Carico Cup imprinted on the garnet stripe.

Made by Umbro. What do you make of the new Umbro Fluminense's home jersey? Comment below.