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Kappa Lets You Check The Authenticity Of A Kit

If you have or about to buy a Kappa product but are unsure if it is genuine, you can quickly go online and check. Thanks to @thefootballsc to share this great thing.

Checking Your Kappa shirt using its' serial number

It is not at all hard work to check the authenticity of your Kappa shirt. Just head to basiclabels.net, put in your product's serial number, and the website will feed you with numerous relevant information.

It is also possible to snapshot the QR Code on the internal label with your mobile.

After entering the serial number, you get a lot of additional information. You not only get the model code but also the color, size, material or even production quantity, lot number, and origin. The tool is very handy and will surely give you peace of mind.

Fakers could trick the tool

How Safe Is the Authenticity Check?

While it is a very first easy and fast way to check the authenticity of a kit, fakers could trick the tool - If they copy an official label and the serial code, the tool won't be able to say that it is a fake, at least instantly and in the beginning.

However, as you can register your product, Kappa will know if fakers copied one specific, single product label as soon as a few customers enter that number.

What if a genuine number is used on the fake shirt?

Kappa could also get their hands on a fake and blacklist that number, so the tool will recognize the fake.

In fact, it would be extremely costly for fakers to use & change the actual Kappa codes. In the end, they will copy the actual code of a single product, and that use it 100s of times.

We think the tool does work quite well, but the biggest problem is sure that customers are not aware of its existence.

What Is BasicLabels?

The BasicLabels tool has been developed by BasicNet, the Italian company owning numerous clothing trademarks, among which Kappa, Robe di Kappa, and Jesus Jeans.

BasicNet also runs a 'Hunt The Fake' project that lets you report counterfeit products.

What do you think of the ability to check your product's authenticity online? Let us know in the comments.