Nike Airlock Street X Joga Bonito Ball Released

Nike has unveiled a new colorway for their innovative Airlock Street football.

Nike Airlock Street X Joga Ball

Here is the new Nike Airlock Street X Joga Bonito Ball.

Celebrating the 2006 Joga Bonito campaign, the new Nike Airlock Street football has the same design as the old Mercurial Vapor 'Joga Bonito' match ball. It is half white, half gold with hexagon and ellipse patterns making the transition between the two colors.

Airlock is Nike's technology that helps the ball to hold exact air pressure longer. The ball has a 12-panel design with a durable casing and hidden stitching, all made for ultimate durability for small-sided football.

Before the 2006 FIFA World Cup, Nike launched the 'Joga Bonito' ("Play Beautifully" in Portuguese) to encourage more positive behavior from football players on the pitch. The American sporting company wanted to promote a skillful and dignified game that is not riddled with theatrics and poor sportsmanship.

The campaign featured several big stars at the time, including the likes of Ronaldinho, Thiery Henry, Adriano, Ronaldo Luís Nazário, etc.

Nike Airlock Street X Joga Ball - Features

  • Airlock bladder maintains air pressure and shape for the life of the ball.
  • Durable casing has great touch and durability for consistent play.
  • Stitching is hidden and reinforced for durability.
  • Graphics pay tribute to Nike's Joga Bonito campaign.
  • 12-panel design
  • 51% Polyester
  • 21% EVA
  • 19% Polyurethane
  • 9% Rubber
  • Price: $40.00

The new Nike Airlock Street X Joga Bal is available for $40.00.

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