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Puma 21-22 Socks Made Of Two Different Parts?

The first of next season's Puma 21-22 home football kits were released. They were well received by people mostly, featuring bespoke designs for every team. Kit experts La Casaca have spotted something interesting - Puma's 21-22 uniforms come with socks that are made of two disparate parts.

Only Player Issue Puma 21-22 Socks Made From Two Different Parts

As visible on the picture of Milan's white 21-22 home kit socks, they come in two pieces. On one side the shin guard, and on the other the foot. What is the advantage of it?

Players won't have to cut off the lower foot part

Having football kit socks in two parts means that players won't have to cut off the lower foot part in order to wear their own socks - Most footballers prefer to wear their own socks, with many opting for special anti-slip soccer socks.

All socks for fans are made of a single piece

However, Puma's 21-22 kit socks only come in two parts for the player's version (Player Issue). All the socks sold by Puma for fans are made of a single part.

Brands like Adidas and Nike are also producing player-issue socks with just the upper shin part. These are available to buy as teams sell old, no-more-needed gear to stores like Classic Football Shirts.

It is not known if Puma has produced two-part player issue socks for all color variants or if professionals will have to cut the socks sometimes.

Would you have liked Puma to change the socks to two parts for all versions? Comment below.