Puma AC Milan 21-22 Home Kit - Authentic vs Replica | Different Collars + Intricate Number Design

As Puma released the new AC Milan home kit, we compare the differences between the replicas and the authentic jersey.

"Same Puma 21-22 National Team Kits Feature Different Collars"

The differences between the two Puma Milan 21-22 home kit versions are more or less the same as for the Puma 21-22 international away kits and all other Puma 21-22 jerseys.

Puma 21-22 AC Milan Jersey: Authentic vs Replica

One of the first things that you will notice is the collar. The player-issued version looks very subtle and pretty much blends in with the rest of the shirt. On the other hand, the replica has a red V-neck that is very visible.

The authentic jersey is tight-fitting, while the replica is made for the everyday fan with a loose, relaxed cut.

The image of the collar also reveals the difference in terms of material between the two versions. It is quite clear that the authentic is thinner than the replica, and it also has some special ventilation holes. Nonetheless, both versions will have Puma's dryCELL technology.

Moving down to the chest, a common distinction between the authentic and the replica jersey of many brands, the logos. As always, the Puma and AC Milan logos on the authentic shirt are heat-applied. Whereas, they are stitched on the replica.

To the sides of the two shirts, the part where the black and red patches meet look nicer on the authentic version, for obvious reason. The printed black line on the replica has a glossy finish to it compare to the matte surface of the authentic one.

Then down to the hem, where you can find the product tag. While it is only printed on the replica, the authentic jersey has an actual tag with the product numbers getting a pearlescent finish.

Special graphic on the font

The release of the new AC Milan home shirt also reveals the font for next season. While the shape number and characters themselves are the same as for all other Serie A teams (streamlined typeface), the graphic on them is not. Puma put the stripes of the shirt on the font as well. It is quite sophisticated.

AC Milan 21-22 Home & Goalkeeper Kits Released

That is all the detail of the new AC Milan 21-22 home jersey. Tell us what you think in the comments below.