Special Nike Liverpool 21-22 Kit Leaked?

An image of an alleged Liverpool 2021-2022 kit is doing the rounds on the internet...

Likely Fake - Black Nike Liverpool 2021-22 Kit

The Liverpool kit is black with white for logos. What makes it unique is a special pattern on the sleeves in red and turquoise light blue.

Unfortunately, just the top of the black Nike Liverpool kit can be seen on the leaked picture.

it comes with the old Standard Chartered logo

Something that makes us believe the kit is fake is that it comes with the old Standard Chartered logo.

It is also unlikely to be the new Liverpool 21-22 goalkeeper jersey, as the design is different from the new Nike 21-22 goalkeeper design, which was first leaked for Galatasaray.

Nike Galatasaray 21-22 Home & Goalkeeper Kits Leaked - Official Pictures

We have no info on a possible Nike Liverpool 21-22 fourth/special kit yet.

Template-wise, the black Nike Liverpool jersey is based on the latest Nike Dri-Fit ADV 2021-22 jersey.

Liverpool 21-22 Home Kit Leaked

Stay tuned as we hope to get more info about this Liverpool 2021-2022 kit.

Certainly a fake. Do you know what this shirt is? Let's hear your thoughts in the comments below.