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Trabzonspor 21-22 Home, Away & Third Kits Released

We have kit news from Süper Lig today as Trabzonspor have launched their new Macron 2021-22 home, away and third kits today.

Macron Trabzonspor 2021-22 Home Jersey

This is the new Macron Trabzonspor home football shirt for 2021-2022.

The Macron Trabzonspor 2021-22 shirt features fairly thin blue and red stripes that continue on the sleeves and even on the collar. The logos are white.

Macron Trabzonspor 21-22 Away Kit

Check out Macron's Trabzonspor 2021-2022 away jersey below.

The Macron Trabzonspor 2021-2022 away football shirt is sky blue with white and red accents.

Trabzonspor Macron 2021-22 Third Jersey

This is the Trabzonspor 2021-2022 third shirt, made by Macron.

Completing the set, the Macron Trabzonspor 2021-2022 third jersey is dark blue with a red collar and light blue logos, while featuring an interesting jacquard graphic on the front.

What's your opinion on the Trabzonspor 2021-2022 home, away and third kits? Comment below.