Universitario "Lolo" Fernández Commemorative Shirt Released

Peruvian club Universitario has released a commemorative shirt for one of their legends in the game.

The new Universitario shirts pay homage to their greatest player of all time, "Lolo" Fernández, who made the club debut 90 years ago.

Universitario Marathon "Lolo" Fernández Commemorative Shirt

Check out Marathon's Universitario "Lolo" Fernández shirt below.

Marathon goes with a minimalistic design for the Universitario commemorative jersey. It is predominantly black with golden accents and a V-shape collar.

In front of the shirt is a geometric graphic that resembles shattered pieces of glass. This adds a touch of modernity to the jersey.

On the back, there is a special crest with the number '90' and "Lolo" Fernández's nickname 'Cañonero Inmortal' (The Immortal Gunner).

You can purchase the shirt either in a plain version or with sponsors, the latter of which comes with "Lolo" Fernández's playing number 9.

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