10 21-22 Club Kits In National Team Colors

What if club football kits would feature the colors of national teams? Bleacher Report graphic designer Megan Orpych (@marayu9) has imagined how 10 new 2021-22 football kits look like with the colors of the national teams of the team's most prolific players.

Club x Country Kit Concepts

The club kits in national team colors combine the new 2021-22 home kit designs of 10 teams with the colors of 10 different nations.

Some of the kits would be surely popularFor example, Argentina's sky blue/white is applied to Barcelona's new 21-22 home kit, while Pourtgals' red and green replaces Juventus white and black.

Our two favorite shirts are PSG's "Brazil" kit and the Germany Bayern jersey.

Could you imagine brands releasing such kits? Would you like them to do so? Which is your favorite? Comment below.