Adidas Leads Top-Scoring Football Boot Of Euro 2020

One week ago, ahead of the start of Euro 2020, we took a detailed look at the boots of the 622 players. Now after the first round of matches has been played, let us find out which boots and brands were the most successful set, of course in partnership with Football Boots DB.

Adidas Players Scored Almost 50% Of Goals

The most successful football boot silo has been the Mercurial, with 12 of the 25 goals scored so far. The Adidas X comes second, followed by the Adidas Copa and Nemeziz.

Many Adidas X players do not wear the current generation

What is bad for Adidas is likely that many players are not wearing the current-gen Adidas X but the last-gen X 19 or even the next-gen Adidas X Speedflow (Georginio Wijnaldum).

However, when looking at which brand "scored" the most goals, Adidas leads with 12 goals ahead of Nike with 10. Puma's players have just scored two goals, while Sterling netted in for New Balance.

This comes by quite a surprise as Nike makes the boots for more than 50% of players and Adidas just for around 33%.

Cristiano Ronaldo has been the most popular player not only in terms of boots so far

Cristiano Ronaldo has been the most popular player in terms of boots in the Euro 2020 so far - no wonder with the Portuguese debuting "unreleased" signature boots, scoring two goals, and making the headlines with some other things (x Coca-Cola).

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