Adidas Rewards "Leakers" Of Olympique Lyon 21-22 Home Shirt

As part of a marketing stunt, Adidas has sent a gift box of the Olympique Lyon 21-22 home shirts to "leakers" who shared the story of Lucas Paquetá wearing one when he "accidentally" posted it on his Instagram.

Olympique Lyon 21-22 Home Kit Released

"Leakers" Of Olympique Lyon 21-22 Home Shirt Rewarded By Adidas

Twitter user Pierre Notton (@TTRNOW) posted on his Twitter showing the gift box he was given by Adidas. Inside it was the Olympique Lyon new home shirt.

Pierre was one of many social media users who quickly shared the photos of Lucas Paquetá wearing next season home jersey or Lyon back in April.

The story was allegedly posted by "accident". However, it was quite obvious a marketing stunt by Adidas. The photo Paquetá posted was part of an official photoshoot for the new uniform.

Also, brands, in general, do not take it kindly towards leaks. Nevertheless, Adidas knows that they are a great tool to create hype and they took a chance on the Paquetá's Instagram story.

It is a good marketing stunt which resulted in a win-win situation. Adidas and Lyon received tons of hype and exposure for their next release while the "leakers" were rewarded with the new jersey.

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