Awesome: Adidas Euro 2020 Matchday Kit Insignia Is Inspired by Passport Stamps & Stadium Shapes

After the first two matches of the UEFA Euro 2020, we took a closer look at the matchday kit insignia of Italy, Switzerland, Turkey and Wales. Now after the first round is almost fully over, it has become obvious that Adidas has come up with a unique idea for matchday insignia.

Thanks to @julianmartp_ who first found it out, @EleteTSC (pictures), @LaCasacaBlog and @hendocfc.

Adidas Euro 2020 Matchday Insignia

The Adidas national team matchday detail for the Euro 2020 is inspired by passport stamps. However, not only that - it comes in the shape of the stadium where the corresponding match is played.

The Euro 2020 is the first continental Euro

With the passport stamp look, Adidas points to the fact that Euro 2020 is the first-ever big football tournament not only played in one or two countries but a continental event.

Scotland and Russia used their own designs.

Normally each federation is free to use the design they want (with UEFA approval, of course).

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