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Cruz Azul Updates Logo After Winning 9th League Title

After 23 years, Mexican giants Cruz Azul became league champions for the 9th time in their history. True to their traditions, they instantly updated their crest by adding a 9th commemorative star.

Many Mexican teams have stars in their logo

Cruz Azul's logo consists of a blue cross in a white circle surrounded by a red square, with the club's name above and below. It stayed relatively consistent since its foundation in 1920., As years went by and titles were won, the crest was modified to proclaim the Cruz Azul's achievements, adding a larger blue circle/frame after the 1971–72 season showing three stars for each Liga MX championship win (showing eight stars since the end of the 1997 season, and now nine stars).

Cruz Azul 2021 Logo

The new Cruz Azul 2021 logo is the same as before but with nine stars instead of eight.

Chivas removed the stars from their crest in 2020

10 Mexican teams with most titles

Many Mexican teams have stars in their logo to signify the number of titles won. Chivas, however, just ditched the stars from their crest in 2020.

Do you like Cruz Azul's logo? What do you think of many Mexican teams having stars in their logo for each championship? Comment below.