Designed By Fans | Goiás 2021 Third Kit Released

Goias has unveiled their new shirt for the 2021 season. It is the result of the "Shirt of Dreams" competition that the club let their fans to submit design their own designs.

Goiás 2021 Third Jersey

This is the new Gr33n Goiás third jersey for 2021.

Black is the main colour for Goias 2021 third jersey. It features a special graphic on the body with other details on the shirt are in luminescent green.

On the back collar is a tag that says: "Cidade mais verde do Brasil", which translates to "The greenest city in Brazil"

There are meanings to the colour design of the shirt. The colour black represent the past while the brightly green details stand for hope and future.

Gr33n combines the Goiás 2021 third jersey with black shorts and socks.

Made by Gr33n. Are you a fan of Goiás' third shirt? Comment below.