First Look: Leaked Images From The FIFA 22 Closed Beta

EA recently opened private play test for the upcoming FIFA 22. Some images are from PlayStation Game Size.

Leaked Images From FIFA 22 Closed Beta

First is the icon. It has a yellow back ground with an electric green fingerprint graphic. The FIFA 22 logo is in black. The start-up background is in navy blue with electric green FIFA logo. Text font is still similar to that of FIFA 21.

Images so far of the menu suggesting EA is using the layout from FUT 21. This also resembles the ones found on early 2010s FIFAs where you can have any player to appear on the menu.

Volta will continue to feature in FIFA 22 as shown in the main menu screen.

Team selection panel still remains familiar to recent FIFAs.

In-game wise, there are a couple of new things. Players will wear anthem jackets during the pre-match scene. A new heat map and expected goals statistics were also leaked but the image is quite blurry.

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