Fortaleza 2021 Home Kit Released

Fortaleza released their new home shirt for the 2021 season. It is made by their in-house design team 1918.

Fortaleza 2021 Home Shirt

Check out 1918's Fortaleza 2021 home football shirt below.

Celebrating 30 years since their Campeonato Cearense title in 1991, Fortaleza call their home shirt Tradição 2021. It features a hoop design with blue and red as the dominant colour.

Small details such as thin stripes and cuffs are in white.

"The 1991 title was important in many ways. It had been four years since Fortaleza last won the Campeonato Cearense. There was also the expectation of the fans for the team to be champion again." - Fortaleza's Project Manager Bruno Bayma said.

"There was much tension in the final as we were up against our biggest rival and we had a star in the squad that was Mirandinha, who decided to take a shot from outside the area, that came in, it was a goal and Fortaleza was champion in a heroic way"

1918 combines the Fortaleza 2021 shirt with blue shorts and socks.

Made by 1918. What's your opinion on Fortaleza's home jersey? Comment below.